Attempting eDifferentiation

I have blogged quite a bit about the online course, Professional Writing for eMedia, that inspired this site. It’s in its nth iteration this term and still focused on career-based uses for various sites, tools, and apps.

colorful cloud of social media logos

For the first time, students get to choose what they want to learn, to a great extent.

  • Three projects, worth around 1/3 of the course grade, are required.
  • Everything else is optional: students decide how they want to spend their time and earn their points.
    • They can do part of a project or all of it.
    • Some projects are relatively easy, while others are more involved (and consequently worth more points).
  • There are enough options that students can skip entire projects that aren’t appealing.

Students also can tackle projects with the comforting knowledge that if the end results aren’t perfect, there’s always something else to try. I am hopeful that this will minimize some of the grade-based anxiety.

Differentiated assessment is a go…



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