Giveaways for My Future Teachers!

I really did try to do this via Instagram, but my phone was having none of it. I’m clearing out my collection of workbooks, and rather than get $0.07 at the used bookstore or try to make a buck on Craigslist, I’m giving away everything pictured below for FREE.

First 3043 student to claim an item, via the comments, gets it. Please request no more than 2 items to start — if things are left over, I’ll let the class know.

You need to come to my office, Hilliard 213, during my office hours between Nov. 16 and Dec. 4 to pick up your goodies.

Multicultural stories, perfect for diversity TEKS

Multicultural stories, perfect for diversity TEKS


Elementary grades reading workbooks


Grades 1-2 “All About Me” options to photocopy


More multicultural tales to read to your class!


Sturdy dry-erase cards for number practice. 3 pens included.


Sturdy dry-erase cards for letters practice. 3 pens included.


Complete kindergarten curriculum


4 books, actually, with answers to common how? when? why? where? questions


Colorful writing strategies (maps, clustering) in a hard-back book


Story Cubes: throw a certain number of dice, then invent a story using all the items pictured.

K8 Writing

Writing lesson ideas for K-8


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