Web 2.0 Tools I Want To Add

ENGL3043 only has 15 weeks (14 of real content), so I have to pick and choose which tools to cover.

I really, r e a l l y want to include Edmodo and Nearpod in future semesters, however!

This means setting up a group or classroom for Edmodo, where we might do a weekly discussion instead of in eCourses, and probably an interactive lecture in Nearpod to substitute for a weekly discussion. My students would just see what happens on the student end in that case.

My 1st Nearpod practice lecture on banned books

My 1st Nearpod practice lecture on banned books

Nearpod does allow for pretty easy log-in using a Google account. The prospect of having students learn Nearpod on top of Prezi, Google presentations, Google forms, blogs, wikis, etc. is a little…daunting, to say the least. I’ll have to delete one of our “off” weeks, where students don’t have as much to do except catch up.

But I think I might be able to work Nearpod in by requiring students to upload a PowerPoint they already have and then adding at least 2 activities (I’ll model all three in my sample). I know it’s fabulous in math classes in particular, since teachers can get real-time feedback from students regarding what they understand and how they’re solving problems.


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