Commenting on Google Docs

It’s really odd how things work out sometimes. I presented at a Teaching with Technology conference late in February, and one of the activities my students had to do for class credit was to go to a Google Doc of excerpts from our homework reading, Madame Bovary, and use the commenting feature to discuss what parts, if any, would be likely to raise concerns over obscenity.

While I was at the conference and my students were busily commenting away, I went to a panel about Google tools and learned that the document commenting feature was extremely useful for the presenter’s ELLs!

I opted for a public Google doc with commenting enabled for all viewers. Students were directed to either sign into a Google account or to include their name in their comment.

comments on a google doc

additional comments on a google doc

Feedback the next class day was pretty favorable. Students found it easy to add a comment and could see the applications for middle and high school students. To further emphasize the utility of Google Docs, I recorded some of our class discussion about the 1949 case of Rosenberg v. Board of Education via comments:

two comments about trial transcript

Click here for some other cool uses of Google Documents!


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