Grammar Flipping Thoughts

ENGL3223 had some big numbers this fall:

Was the flipped classroom a success? I don’t know!

We had far more time for interesting in-class experiments, many of which I have documented in earlier blog posts. Everything I used to do during instructional time became homework, thereby freeing up 150 minutes each week for more in-depth discussion, practice, and teaching demos.

Did students emerge with a better mastery of grammar? I can’t really compare Fall 2013 to Fall 2010, the last time I taught the course, because I changed so much of what students did. I rewrote every exam as well as the project assignment.

What I do have are the results of a pre/post-test: nine short-answer questions over grammatical concepts covered through the whole semester. Students took it on the first day of class and then again on the last day.

Average scores went from 2.55 to 5.40.

Scores for 16 out of 19 students increased; 2 stayed the same.

Clearly there was some value added, and I made sure that I gave the post-test before we started reviewing for the final exam so the results showed what knowledge they had retained over the weeks. Some areas showed dramatic improvement — from 0% to over 73% able to give a linguistic definition of a noun, from approximately 6% to 52% able to identify a prepositional phrase in a sentence.

column graph comparing pre and post test percentages


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