Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

From the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education comes HippoCampus, playing on the idea of a college campus and the hippocampus, the portion of the brain involved in memory formation.

The site is aimed at high school and college students, with assistance in mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, and one area of humanities (religion). There are several sets of videos for developmental math in particular — helpful for Texas and other states seeking to reduce university remediation and for students needing a refresher before they take a placement test. Students who still wrestle with fractions may appreciate the step-by-step explanations about multiplying, adding, and comparing in the Arithmetic section.

I’m very impressed by the “Textbook Correlations” feature, which includes biology, earth science, and mathematics. Different videos and simulations are mapped to chapters and page ranges in popular textbooks. For instance, a PV student enrolled in MATH1124: Calculus and Analytic Geometry uses James Stewart’s Calculus; if she is struggling with finding velocity through limits, she can go to that textbook, look for the topic itself or the pages, 67-69, and then launch a video about limits. Often, online assistance doesn’t quite match up with what students need for their particular problem sets, so this is a useful tool.

Additional content appears to be coming from places like Dallas County Community College District. It’s amazing what open access, Creative Commons licensed content can do!


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