Bookshare for Special Ed

“Bookshare®’s goal is to raise the floor of access so that people with print disabilities can obtain a broad spectrum of print materials at the same time as everyone else.”

Screen capture of the home page for Bookshare

K-12 students with a specific documented impairment–blindness, low vision, or inability to hold a book or turn pages–can get a FREE individual membership under copyright law. Students on the autism spectrum, students with ADHD, and ELLs who may benefit from the service must pay $50 per year plus a one-time $25 activation fee because their disabilities do not prevent them from physically interacting with a hard-copy text.

Bookshare provides two free screen reader options (these read the book out loud to the user) as well as Braille versions for output terminals or displays. Thanks to the efforts of its volunteers, some 143,000 texts are available to members. If you’re an elementary education major who has taken MATH 3003, this option might look familiar…

This is a URL to keep handy and bookmarked, especially if you are working on certification for Special Education!


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